From ancient Rome to Fellini’s cinema

If you walk through the streets of Borgo San Giuliano in Rimini, you will seem to hear in the background the soundtrack of Amarcord composed by Nino Rota.
Just like in a Fellini dream, the city changes at every glimpse and conquers you with its thousand-year-old beauty.

The Arch of Augustus and the Tiberius Bridge witness the majesty of imperial Rome. The archaeological excavations of the Surgeon’s House and the routes of the Civic Museum make the ancient history of Rimini even more tangible with their precious finds.

Culture and entertainment

The Malatesta Fortress and Temple recall a mediaeval period of noble families, dames and brave commanders; the rediscovered Fulgor Cinema and the Amintore Galli Theatre photograph the 20th-century Rimini and celebrate the culture of cinema and entertainment that has always animated this city and its residents.

You just have to move towards the harbour clubs and the lights of the big Ferris Wheel to finally fall in love with the city’s most playful and fun side.

The facet made up of nightlife, endless aperitifs at sunset and nights spent dancing with your feet on the sand.
The fun side of discos and amusement parks that distinguishes the famous Riviera Romagnola.